The card game "buraco" is really famous in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Equador, Peru, Espanha, Italia, Portugal, Italy and lots of countries and played by millions of people around the world. It is played in fiends meeting, family meeting, parties, barbecues and in it always is a good fun on the weekends, so play "buraco" always is a fun. "Buraco" does not have any official or universal rules, so the following rules have been created as used nowadays.


Number of players: 2 or 4 players (4 as partnership and 2 as pair).
Total of cards in the game: it use 2 decks with 54 cards, so in total it has 108 cards.
Start of game: each player will get 11 cards.

Game Target

Make the biggest score. If it is by round, the score will be counted in the end of round. In the end of the game / round the winner will be who has the biggest score. Otherwise if the game are by beating, another players has to play how long is necessary to get or pass the beating score. The first player or pair who gets or passes this score win. In case of all players pass this scores, will win who has biggest scores.

Players and position

This kind of game can be played with 2 or 4 people. In 2 people's games each one has his own cards, and has his own games on the table, and they play against one another. Each player is sitting face to face on the table. In 4 people's games each one, from each, pair has his own cards but the game on the table are shared with his partner. Each player positioned face to face with his partner ( player1, player 2, player1 partner, player2 partner).

"Buraco Fechado" Expressions

Super Joker - Cards are represented by Joker.

Joker - it are the cards represented by number 2. All cards with number 2 are a joker and it can be used to replace any others card in the game. If the joker has been locate between an ACE and 3 it will not be take as a joker.

Mount - When you start the game, 11 cards are given for each player and more 11 are separated as a pot for each pair (in the 4 people's game or for each player for 2 people's game) from the 108 cards of the game. Another remaindered cards are put as a "Mount" in the centre of the table for each player can "buy" a card from this "Mount" during they turns (this cards are put face down to the table because any one are allowed to see this cards before "buy" it)

Pot - Are 2 Pot in the game (11 cards in each) located in left side of the mount. When the player finishes all they cards on the hand, he can get the pot. In 2 people's game, each player is entitled to get one pot, otherwise in 4 people's games each pair are entitled to get one pot (the first player in the pair who finishes all cards from his hand have to get the pair pot). If the player finishes all cards from his hands and does not have any pot deserved for him, the game is over. If the cards of the mount finishes and if there is still a pot available, the player automatically will buy from the pot and put in the mount.

Garbage - it is all cards in the right side of the mount with face up, visible for everybody on the table. The garbage is the place where the player discard into after buy a card from mount and create or change his own game. You should justify the purchase of the first card of the trash (if the first card is not helpful purchasing will not be allowed).

Buy from mount - you "buy" a card from the mount when you get a card from the mount, each player can buy 1 card per turn, it is the first thing that the play have to do in his turn, and if the player get all discarded cards from the cards' garbage, the cannot buy a card from the mount.

Beating score - It is the score that the player have to get to finish the game.

Beating - It occurs in three situations: when the player (or his partner) has (have) already bought from the pot, there is no card available for the player and when the player gets a clean "canastra" on the table. Is when the player (or your partner) already got the pot and the cards on the hands of one player finished. If the player finishes without discard into the garbage , it is a direct beat otherwise it will be an in indirect beat;

Game on the table - When the player get 3 or more cards in his hands and put it on the table, it are considered a game. But to be a valid game the cards have to in the same suit and be in a sequence or if the cards has the same value, "trinca" play (e.g. 4.4.4).

Cigar game - It is when you put 3 or more similar cards. (using or not the joker).

"Buraco" sequence - The cards sequence to create a "buraco" game is: A,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A.

Clean "Canastra" - It is a game that has 7 or more cards as sequence, with same suit and without any jokers.

Dirty "Canastra" - It is a game that has 7 or more cards as sequence, with same suit, but has one or more jokers.

Royalty "Canastra" - It is the game that has all cards of some suit and more on ACE, example.: AC,2C,3C,4C,5C,6C,7C,8C,9C,10C,JC,QC,KC,AC.

Half Royalty "Canastra" - It is the game that has all cards of some suit but just with one ACE, example.: AC,2C,3C,4C,5C,6C,7C,8C,9C,10C,JC,QC,KC.

"Trincas" Play - The game of three or more cards of the same value, with different suits (with or without jokers and/or super joker).

How to play

As soon as the game starts, the game will game all 11 cards for each player and for the pot, after that the NetCartas game will shuffle the first one to play.

The first play must but a card from the mount and if his want he can make some games. When satisfied he must choose a card to discard on the garbage.

The discard is the signal that is time for the next player play.

The next player can get the cards from the garbage or one in the mount, In case of the player get the cards from garbage he must all cards from there. Until he does not discard into the garbage, he can make or change any games on the table. When player finish he his turn he has to discard a card into the garbage, giving a signal to next player.

The game will follow this flow until a player does not have any cards in hands when he can get the Pot. When one of the player who already bought the pot do not have more cards in hands so he has beat.

When a player beat the score will be counted by NetCartas game and the winners will be announced.

- To beat is necessary even have a clean "canastra", if the player does not have one, he cannot beat until make one.
- If the cards of the mount finishes and if there still have a pot available, the player automatically will buy the pot and put in the mount.

Score Counting

In the end of the game (when one of player has beaten) all cards of the game must be added. It works in the follow way: Game on the table - each player or pair should count the all "canastras" on the table, after that added each card score.

Score of beating - The player or pair who has beaten get 100 points as scores for that.

Penalty for not get the Pot - In case of the player or pair does not get the pot will be reduced 100 points in his score also if the got the pot but have not use in any game on the table 100 points will be reduced.

Penalty for cards in hands - For each card that still in the player's hands after the game is finished (someone has beaten) all cards will be counted and subtracted all points from the score (follow the table below).

Point's Table

Royalty Canastra 1000 points
Half Royalty Canastra 500 points
Clean Canastra 200 points
Dirty Canastra 100 points
Beating 100 points
ACEs 15 points
Jokers 10 points
From 8 to King and Joker 10 points
From 3 to 7 5 points
Super Joker 50 points